Wednesday, February 24, 2010

derrick hart – fall asleep to this


Well... It’s truly not easy to fall asleep to this record, because this is both disturbing and engaging album. What we got here it’s a piece of really professionally-made dark experimental ambient. It is not noise for a noise sake however, but a deep and profound exploration of the sound sphere by the artist. Some of the tunes are simply beatiful. Sorry... I know this is the corniest thing to say, but there’s no other adjective for tunes such as wilderness of the city to describe this utterly touching soundscape. Great, haunting radiohead-like vocal samples connected with the sentimental mood of cello (I suppose it’s cello) and background repetitive ambient makes the composition a five-minute of sheer delight to anyone that enjoys the genre. I think that every piece here deserves attention, beginning from restless intro (when someone loves you no more) through the tracks such as emporia (Brian Eno clashes Twin Peaks red-room) or minimalistic kontakt. Generally, it is next release from Resting Bell worth recommending. Berlin still takes it all my friends.
p.s. do check the Resting Bell site. The artwork here is very stylish, and music... oh, the music!

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