Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Phantom Carriage – Skull exposed to March rain


This is quite an extra ordinary release. I do like the way it was edited – with four pages of extra artwork and very decent cover it is a thing that invites you warmly to listen to. The music itself is also a bit out-of-there. There are nice, lyrical ambient, spoken word voyages, overlaps with the folk songs reminding me of Bonnie Prince Billy. It’s hard to put the album into a genre, but I suppose that’s the way the beauty of it comes. Personally, I prefer the folk ones ober the electronica, so I will distinguish a cappella Blood, and a very sentimental Hawthorn Tree, however one cannot neglect the rest, especially a nine-minutes long Folly, very much in Philip Glass/David Bowie collaboration style with a country guitar twist or extremely psychedelic Three Wishes. Well... electronica covers most of the album, with its end being a very M83 Skull exposed to March rain. It is skillful and neatly produced, but I’ll wait for the whole folk The Phantom Carriage album – really, they can’t be wromg there.

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