Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lord Numb – Comfortably Numb EP


Now, that’s an EP to cherish! I did like all the tracks there, beginning from extremely New Order like A question mark for a face through even more similar Stackridge and experimentally ambiental A song for the numb to electro clashing Webcore, webcore. The whole album has a great dose of self-consciousness musical irony, a quite professional production and catchy riffs (unfortunately, it’s quite minimal, so no melodies). The only drawback I sense here is lack of vocals. I think lyrics and a good singer would give compositions a more complicated texture and greatly enhance the overall quality. By this only my humble opinion, of course. Also, the cover being nice and not hideous, taking under consideration the growing standards of netlabel design it is somewhat cliche. My overall impression, however is more than positive.
BTW – the album is released under the banner of dedpop, a very interesting, rock-folk-indie oriented netlabel worth checking out. I think in the nearest future I will report more both on Lord and the netlabel.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there, thank you very very much for your lovely write up of the COMFORTABLY NUMB EP. I have an album out as a free download here :
Hope you dig it and thanks again.


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