Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pequeña Fiera! - Secrets with no words

Once again, this one’s from Error!Lo-Fi Records (Spain.). Pequeña Fiera! is a band that explores the border between lo-fi (really ;-) and experimental/art rock (vide Radiohead, Sigur Ros, etc.). What we got on Secrets with no words are 5 very dreamy and hazy tunes, that takes us somewhere very much behind the rainbow. If the band thought about the compositions a little bit thoroughly than it would definitely be a minor underground hit-band. It is still above average, because Pequeña Fiera! Is not afraid to try something new (ok, we’ve heard this dream pop/post rock thing before, but still it’s not that everyone plays that way). My favourite track here is do re mi fa sol I kiss you, very chilled-out track with my vocals and slacky/lazy melody strolling through out. Generally, it is a band and an album to recommend, and I would gladly check out what more do they have in stock.

p.s. I loved their cover. Freaked out!

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