Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lágrima - Trayecto Imperfecto de un Viaje Inacabado


This is the first of the records from Error!Lo-Fi Recording, a very interesting net-label that I recommend here, that's why the score is maybe a bit excessive. Lagrima plays interesting and engaging instrumental lo-fi and although there is a certain that-composition-is-so-similar and I-have-heard-it-before syndroms, it's still a recommendable release. Becasue of the first thing mentioned above, I won't say which track on the Trayecto Imperfecto de un Viaje Inacabado is the best, and because of the second syndrome, I won't say which bands too much influenced this project ;-).
Summarizing, check it out; if you like lo-fi/postrock vibes, this is your record. If not, well... Too bad.

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