Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Josh Woodward – Breadcrumbs


This Josh’s release is one of his finest – very much keeping up with the style and efficiency of Not Quite Connected and Dirty Wings. The mood on Breadcrumbs is very switfly balanced between folk/americana melancholy and more alternative (maybe even a bit, but really, just a bit experimental) energetic moments. I suppose people that enjoyed earlier albums from this artist would love most of the tracks here, but my top three favourites are: Overthrown wioth a beginning very much similar to Kings Of Leon compositions (that would be something, Josh Woodward in a KOL style), but later on going into this familiar Josh’s soft storytelling, and two last pieces: Ghosts with a really great, dark atmosphere and one of the best guitarwork from this musician and I’m not Dreaming which is in fact a zenith of Woodward’s melancholy. If the whole LP were that way songs mentioned above, it would be definitely a top jamendo album. Now, it’s nine out of ten for me, and I’m still waiting for this Josh Woodward definite record.

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Josh Woodward said...

Thanks a million for the review! So glad you liked.


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