Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Diablo Swing Orchestra – Butcher’s Ballroom


This is definitely an album to recommend. Diablo’s mixture of classic, heavy-metal, swing and whatever comes handy is an extraordinary thing even for such a boiling place as jamendo releases. Butcher’s Ballroom is an almost hour of really professionally produced and skillfully performed music. I feel Mike Patton’s strong influence here, but in my case, it’s more an advantage than a vice. All of the songs are worth mentioning, but my favourite is D’Angelo - a short tune in an almost opra mode. I also loved Rag Doll Physics chorus and extremely energetic Infralove. Every little aspect of the record, beginning from the sound, through the composition and lyrics is very much close to perfection, so do not hesistate to get accustomed with this amazing journey Diablo Swing Orchestra invites you to.

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