Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fluydo’s superpack is one of the nicest surprises of this year. The tunes on the first CD have been already presented, but it’s an extremely brilliant idea to gather them in order to understand the whole concept behind the tracks. All of Fluydo’s Moons are quite interesting, but my favourites are Moon 1 (the only one with male vocals – very much similar to Roger Walters’ one), Moon 3 (the one that resembles Goldfrapp the most, but at the same time is the most catchy one on the record), and Moon 7 (a pleasant surprise for the end of the album; extremely engaging trumpet samples and very smooth melody). If you like a clash between Moloko, Goldfrapp and contemporary electro-rock, Fluydo’s record is definitiely for you.
The only shame is the cover. Sinlge covers were very much recognizable, and the current one not so much. One point down, but still it is nine and a truly recommendable piece of music.

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