Sunday, November 30, 2008

7 Fool Moons Superbonuspack 2/2


An idea to release a remix album of Seven Moons was a splendid one. I enjoyed most of the tracks on the album, but I paid special attention to Jeff Crystal’s rmx (an extremely neat rebirth of minimal Detroit techno – a hardfloor version I was looking for a long time) of Moon 4 and Fluydo’s remix of their Moon 1 track. That one has such a nice bass line and catchy chorus that any remix of it would be a great tune, but that one is a really interesting extension of the original composition. In summary, sometimes you’re afraid with remixes, that the spirit of the source they come from would vanish, but it doesn’t happen here. It was truly handle with care and remixers’ effort really paid off.
As I put it before, the only shame is the cover. Sinlge covers were very much recognizable, and the current one not so much. One point down, but still it is nine and a truly recommendable piece of music.

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