Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Flatmax - Wideband Cold Fusion


I must say that I enjoyed his record much more than the previous The underground isn't finished with me. At Wideband Cold Fusion, the artist presents a mix of dark hip-hop and electronica, and though it’s not a perfect album there are moments that one may find interesting. The best tunes, in my humble opinion, are Android War and Central Transmission. The first is a nice journey in Dr Doom-style, while the second it’s very experimental and may not be appreciated by people that look for more chilled out compositions. Flatmax is generally disturbing and one has to deal with that ;-) Of course, there are moments that are simply boring or too much formal in its experiment for example, Fresh Region or Dyly Zone, the things that shouldn’t be called pieces, more an experiment documentation. I think if Flatmax tried to do some singles first, and than hit for a full LP that would have been better because people would have had time to get used to his quite difficult, perhaps even annoying style. It’s seven or now, but I look forward to other recordings, as it may be an interesting thing with time.

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