Thursday, April 24, 2008

VS – No TomorroW EP

Rate: 7/10

After half a year we got a new releaseform VS. The first impression is well… The record is different than previous ones. The first tune, 4mn30, begins with a riff very much similar to Arcade’s Fire Black Mirror, so I expected that it would be something in this style, but after that we don’t get much. This tune would have been nice if some debut band recorded, but after VS-suites one wants some more sophisticated. UT is a much better tune. It starts with an elegant, melancholic piano. After that a stormy guitar and drums take over, what creates really engaging piece of music, reminding me of some sort crossover between Muse and postrock bands. What can we say about Crisis?, the third and the last composition on EP? It sounds like a next part of the previous tune. Also guitars, drums, long melodies passages. This one however has the powerful instrumental outburst I like so much in VS’s music. My favourite track on the record.
Overall is 6, I’m afraid because one third of the record is little bit disappointing, but the cover is enigmatic and stylish as always so it’s a 7.
Don’t do that again guys! I’m waiting for another masterpiece!

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