Tuesday, April 15, 2008



This record has everything one expects from a modern alternative-underground album. There is a Godspeed You! Black Emperor- like, Southern psycho-rock first tune soft apocalypse. After that much more melodic, psychedelic the slow death with very interesting vocals by Vivek Shraya. More experimental, electronic etude non? comes next. Noisy the blessing + the glory with sampled tele-evangelist reminds me of Helios Creed and other, now much forgotten noise-rock bands. All the thing is great till two last songs. The acoustic Sunday Morning simply does not fit in with the rest, not mentioning the rap-sound of St. Ides Malt Liquor, which is a doubtful bonus. Taking under considerations those two tunes, I would give an overall note of seven, but the cover is pretty awesome, so it’s eight.
About hearing them live… Bring them on! The more, the merrier! But seriously… They may be quite a neat live-act, so please, do check them if they would be somewhere around.

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