Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Repose - Solace


Piano gently begins its melody. The beat is trip-hop, and the girl's voice is just sweet as honey. The melody gently flows, taking the listener into moody but catchy piece of very neatly produced music. It's quite useless to speak about what's hot and what's not in this piece, because it's almost perfect. I loved the lead vocals - the singer definitely has a big talent. She doesn't have to sing in all pitches to create the atmosphere - and that counts a lot. All the samples, keyboards and the beat are also very professionally produced. A composition is also interesting. There are two breaks (1:10 I believe, and a similar one around 1:55) than creates a dramaturgy of the record. Overall it's a strong proposal for an underground hit. I like more darker side of trip-hop (if you know Tricky records than you know what I mean), but that track is also undoubtedly recommendable.

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