Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tom Woxon – Kickstart


Now, that’s something! I have stumbled recently at this netlabel Da!Heard It Records and I decided to sample one of their menu at random. I knew there would be some breakcore, 8-bit stuff going on there, but I didn’t know that it would be That 8-bit. Kickstart is a great tribute to a world of commodore/amiga scene, nad it was truly extremely enjoyable to go through the tracks. Tom Woxon’s album is not a simple reconstruction of the sound of those great machines of the 80’s, but more an impression of it. House vocal samples weren’t in use at this time as I recall, I suppose not many people knew about house music in the first place, so those rich vocals that dwells Sofachips or Kickstart tunes are just a sort of interpretation, though it is quite nice and accurate. As much as I liked those, I simply loved those who are more similar to the imaginary amiga games soundtracks such as Casio Dream or Amiga Bass. Overall, this a great LP, very engaging though it has got 14 tracks. It is a definitely recommendable production and I’m looking forward to check something else from this netlabel.

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