Saturday, November 14, 2009

CIRC – Anatole Joy


I do enjoy the latest CIRC release, because it’s a very neat example of an artist’s progress. His previous albums were very much in the same mode as Anatole Joy is (namely, an abstract electronica/melodic IDM clash), but more recent LP’s have richer production and much complex compositions. As for Anatole Joy, one may expect nice downtempo, a bit psychotic but also engaging instrumental trips. My favourite tunes on the record are abstract bizzoff with trance, drilling bass and lile it litl dat, where the rhythm section is very professional and the composition doesn’t bore a listener though the whole piece is generally based on the breakbeat treat. The biggest musical disappointment was angels needs pollution to breathe that strats up extremely nice, with great distorted human choir sample, but than keyboards and rhythm gets predictable and spoils all fun. It could a highlight of the material, but it simply fails to do it. The next remark I have is the cover. The donkey here is simply ridiculous and it spoils an overall positive impression.
Summarizing, it’s definitely a thing to check. A next step in the music history of the composer that can really achieve something in the future.

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