Monday, October 5, 2009

Mental Killing Spree – Vae Victis


I’ve got to tell you. That thing ain’t no blues ;-). Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve got an impression that death metal bands avoid Creative Commons and focus more on the good old underground zine-net and gigs ways of promoting their music, so two thumbs up for Mental Killing Spree for bravery! About the music. There is a quite engaging mixture of a harder side of thrash and a lighter side of death metal here. Riffs aren’t extremely melodic (it’s not Metallica, and no Amon Amarth either), but they’re melodic enough to keep a listener interested. Even the longest composition on the record, Odd Pathos, avoids monothony though it is nearly 8 minutes. However, my favourite track here is twice shorter but as much engaging Desentized, a tune that reminds me of Suffocation or the early Slayer. The other composition are also worth checking, so don’t hesistate! Become a Mental Killing Spree victim! ;-)

P.s. My only annotation is about the length of the album. It should at least two tracks longer! However, as it is Mental Killing Spree first release I forgive and hope that the next one is much more packed.

Live long and prosper,


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