Sunday, January 25, 2009

Silence Is Sexy – This An’t Hollywood


The first thing: This is one of the best produced and musically skillful records on jamendo. No doubt about that.
The second thing: It’s pop. Maybe they play guitars, maybe there’s some reverb or other distortion on their instruments. Perhaps the vocalist sings quite emotionally and empahatic. Nonetheless, it’s pop. Not a good news for me. It may not be particularly good news for other listeners as well.
The third thing: Although it is a mild version of Coldplay and Radiohead records, there is something uncomplete about the compositions. They all start smooth and neatly produced but suddenly, when it gets to chorus it’s just become to be boring. I’m afraid a serious lack of catchy choruses is to be a reason for that. Of course, not all tracks are that way. The best one on the album are Where Were You (with a nice keyboard touch that enriches the whole arrangement) and You Are A Mirror. Overall, however, it’s a little bit disappointing.

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