Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fauna – Have u ever talked to angels?


I haven’t found a record that doesn’t lack anything on jamendo for a lomg time, so when I found Fauna’s - Have u ever talked to angels I was more than happy. This subtle dark-trip hop album is what a Creative Commons connoiseur may really appreciate. Almost every piece there is worthy listener’s attention, so let’s talk about each of them.
Slowly – very engaging, atmospheric piece with great vocals and extremely interesting rhythm section. The words are quite gloomy, but that’s why it’s called trip-hop and not pop.
14th floor – one may see Portishead’s influence here, but it’s got such an intense mood that one may not take it as a vice, but an advantage.
Daily sick, casual sick – great samples, a deep-dark mood, exactly the way it should be.
Dreamless – it gets more melodic there, but more in Mo’Wax or Warp style than Aguillera one. Add very professional use of reverbs in production and one may imagine what’s the piece like.
Emptiness – the composition has nice vocal samples and space-like atmosphere (some Kid Koala influence, perhaps?) and it’s a little bit ambiental but still it doesn’t lose this specific Fauna touch.
Hollow morning – that one is a real masterpiece. Natalia Careva (a featuring vocalist here) takes us into a dreamy, sentimental trance trip one won’t forget soon.
Wasteland – the tune clashes between 20’s samples and Portishead-like mood. Yummy.
Hyperlite love – I think the most electronic one on the record. Solid, however a little bit uninventive compared with the rest of the record.
Rainbawl – next electronic one. A tune that very neatly mixes female voice with almost Kraftwerk–like sounds.
Tomorrow – a nice, melancholic goodbye, reminding me a little bit of Tryad’s tunes.

It’s ten out of ten, ladies and gentelmen. I can’t wait to hear their next album, really.

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